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Dragged up in Panguru

  • Northland

Ramon Te Wake, Kawe Roes, Maihi Makiha, Jay Te Wake.

Heading home to Panguru is the motive for three well known drag queens who have made their own TV series about their endeavors.

The Queens of Panguru features Ramon Te Wake, Jay Te Wake and Maihi Makiha. And the trio popped into Māori Television to catch up with Kawe Kōrero Reporters about their new show that’s already going viral online.

If you’ve watched the promo trailer, you’ll soon realise that these are no ordinary drag queens.

Panguru is a small Northland village with one school, one shop and a town full of hunters, farmers and bareback horse riders.

The queens’ head back to their roots to not only get their nails dirty, but to get stuck right in to the country life – in drag queen style.

Ramon says, “every time the quazzins (sic) and I all get together, we just all laugh about everything and take the piss out of each other all the time.

“But we also talk about going home and what that might look like as city’ns (sic), city slickers.”

“And I thought well how about I pitch the idea.

“So I kind of did that and a year later we’re here.”

Queens of Panguru airs on Māori Television, Wednesday nights from March 22.