Cuzzie Bro burgers opens for business in Rotorua

  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

This week Rotorua welcomes a new Māori takeaway outlet which was opened in memory of Ashley Davy a local hero of the Koutu and Waikite communities of Rotorua who died last year.

Cuzzie Bro Burgers incorporates traditional Māori food served on fresh rēwana bread. 

Cuzzie Bro Burgers hopes to develop a rep as a place where Māori food is made to perfection and served fresh in Rotorua.

Tania Poipoi-Davy says, “The concept is to tap into the Cuzzie Bro community because we are all cuzzie anyway.” 

It's a family business based around their love for Māori food. 

Ruia Morrison-Davy says, “Cuzzie Bro was my son who passed away in June this year, with so many thanks with the innovation of his widow Tania and their family and their relations. “ 

All the burgers made incorporate local foods within the region from seafood to venison. Owner Tania Poipoi-Davy wanted to make burgers that had a unique taste.

“The specialty for Rotorua is the iroiro burger because everyone from Waikite and Koutu because I was brought up in the Koutu, or my family was, as was Ashley and everyone who lived in Waikite they always say iro iro and that's our introduction or our hello, “ says Tania

Cuzzie Bro Burgers is opened from Wednesday to Saturday from 12 to 8pm.