Council back Lake Ōtara restoration project

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • Auckland

Otara resident and long-time campaigner for the wellbeing of his beloved suburb and its people, Jim Sinclair, is thrilled about a new project that will see the Auckland City Council fund a lake restoration project of Lake Ōtara.

“I'm very pleased that the Auckland Council and our local board have picked up the wero, and they're running with it” says Jim Sinclair.

He is however, sceptical about how Council prioritises it's funding of community projects.

“What we need is the money, instead of digging big holes over in the Pacific Centre, why couldn't that money be put into cleaning up the Ōtara Lake and creek” adds Jim.

This is just the beginning says Jim, the battle now is to see the project through for the people and the land of Ōtara.

“Spiritual togetherness and our love for the land will see this project succeed, so please clean up our lake now not later” says Jim.