Community meeting called after increase of robberies in Mt Roskill

  • Auckland

Labour party candidate for Mt Roskill, Michael Wood will hold a public meeting next week to address violent crime and robberies in the area.

Wood says, "With news of another violent attack on a store in Three Kings this week, it is clear that increasing street-level crime is a major concern to people in Mt Roskill",

Wood has outlined points of discussion for the meeting which include re-opening the Mt Roskill police station, prioritising action on burglaries and thefts, better resourcing for police on the beat and strengthening the local community.

He says, "Across the community, people tell me that they are worried by increasing burglaries, which make them feel unsafe in their own homes. I've personally experienced theft from my own property recently while a nearby elderly relative had her home invaded"

"Strong communities rely on trust. If law and order breaks down that trust disappears and we are all worse off. We need action now, but unfortunately the government pretends there is no problem, hiding behind excuses and massaged statistics"

The meeting will take place at the Wesley Community Hall on Monday the 22nd of August at 7pm.

Neighbourhood Support for the area and the Mt Roskill Community Patrol will also be speaking at the meeting.