Christmas Island detainees fearful following riots

  • Australia

Detainees on Christmas Island are fearful of what will happen next after inmates have reported they have taken over the detention facility.

Online News spoke with a Christmas Island detainee this morning and he claims rioting took place after the death of an asylum seeker at the facility.

He says, " it all kicked off, we have ripped the wall panelling off and pulled fences down and we are sick of being treated like this."

He says at this stage no one has been hurt but he and fellow detainees are fearful of what is going to happen next, "there isn't a guard in site at the moment but we are scared of whats gonna happen and have just had enough of all this punishment and too many boys are going to hospital."

Another detainee Riki Downes also told Online News this morning "we are all set up together and taking stock of what's going on here, we are sick of not being able to do anything, we wanna be with our families this stuff is just too much to bare."

Downes also says "all the guards have taken off because there are too many of us, but the boys have cricket bats and poles and we are ready because we don't know what to expect, we are worried about whats going to happen next."

According to Labour MP, Kelvin Davis, he was contacted at around 4:30am this morning and told rioting was underway and they had taken over the facility.