Christmas Island detainee describes situation as 'torture'

  • Australia

A Christmas Island detainee has described the situation he and fellow inmates have been faced with in the facility as ‘torture.’

He says inmates have been faced with 'emotional torture' and 'inhumane circumstances.'

Detainees have taken over the detention facility and periodically driven the guards away, but he and fellow inmates are fearful of what will follow.

Allegedly the riots occurred after the death of an asylum seeker which resulted in compound fences being pulled down and all those being kept there have gathered together in one place.

“Every compound has a hole in the wall now so there’s nothing stopping us from coming and going.”

He says “we don’t know what’s gonna happen cos all the emergency response team is gone the Serco officers are gone they’ve disappeared behind closed doors, I guess our biggest fear is having to take on the navy, maybe rubber bullets and tear gas.”

Labour MP, Kelvin Davis says he is very concerned for the safety of the inmates and those involved.

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