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Catholic Diocese of Auckland disputes Hato Petera Whānau Trust statement

  • Auckland

The Catholic Diocese of Auckland are surprised and most concerned about the announcement from a refreshed Hato Petera Whānau Trust board on Monday that the school's hostels will be open for business next year.

Diocese says that the new group of trustees is not legally constituted, therefore the Diocese is unable to officially recognise the group as trustees.

The announcement made on December 7 by the Whānau Trust Board stated the newly elected chair of the trust, Murray Painting, said they are looking forward to opening in 2016 with a student body that will benefit from the renewed energy and determination of the trust to create a centre of pastoral care second to none.  

However, the Diocese says that the media release by Painting to re-open the boarding facilities for Hato Petera College in 2016 has not been accepted or agreed to by the Diocese. 

The Diocese goes on to say "The lease agreement with the Te Whānau o Hato Petera Trust is due to be terminated because of the Trust’s failure over an extended period of time to adequately maintain the facilities."

Despite the trust board's announcement that they were to be reopened, the diocese said that would not be the case.

The hostel was kept open in Term 4 for Year 11-13 students so that they were able to complete their NCEA exams. The hostel was only able to operate in Term 4 because of the financial assistance from the Diocese. 

It ends by stating "The Diocese is deeply concerned about the misinformation that has been given to students and their whānau, as boarding facilities will not be available,

We are grateful to the Ministry of Education for the work they have already undertaken to assist whānau to find alternative educational facilities for those students who are unable to attend Hato Petera College as a day student in 2016."