Call for CCTV cameras to be installed in Hamilton City buses gaining support

By Mānia Clarke
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

A petition to have CCTV cameras installed inside Hamilton City buses is gaining traction.  The call follows the brutal bashing of one of the city's Māori bus drivers last month.

The petition is getting the thumbs up by the locals. 

Last month, 63-year-old Wade Tewehi Senior Apiti, Hamilton bus driver was bashed and left unconscious by a passenger, which has led his daughter Betina Clarke to start the petition.

Every year 4.5 million passengers travel on these buses, and the safety of bus drivers and passengers is an urgent issue before the Waikato District Council.

Paula Southgate, Waikato Regional Council chair says, "Moves are afoot to ensure that new contracted services, have security cameras.  So new buses coming on board will be required to have the cameras and the existing buses as they become renewed will also."

Waikato region's ratepayers are likely to foot the bill.

The Waikato Council plan to have all 85 buses that service the Hamilton and wider Waikato region including Taupo to have CCTV within two years.