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Black Sox fans call for more media support

  • Auckland

New Zealand’s Black Sox softball team has brought home the world championship trophy but coverage of the sport has been criticised.

This comes after Kiwi fans took to Facebook to express their disappointment in not being able to view the men's world championships in Canada.

However, the team’s captain Nathan Nukunuku is pleased to see the team beat Australia in the final to secure the wold title for a seventh time.

Black Sox captain Nathan Nukunuku spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters and says he is “definitely proud of the guys in this tournament.”

He says, “The more funding we get, the more we can give it in front of people.”

The team was funded $250,000 for this year’s 17 players to represent the country at the world championships.

But Nukunuku is realistic the Black Sox has to “create an audience to get an audience”.

He says, “It’s sort of like the chicken and eggs story or the horse and the cart, Black Sox gotta cart with a whole lot of food but we need the media to show up and be the horse and help us go and feed the people.”

For now, Softball New Zealand is in talks about how the country can celebrate the team’s win.