Bath salts user grateful for brother’s video

  • Auckland

The young man who posted a video of his synthetic drug induced sister to Facebook says she is grateful he threw her a lifeline.

Tuakeu Grover posted the video last week which shows his 22-year-old sister and her boyfriend under the influence of the synthetic drug known as ‘bath salts’.

Since its post the video has been viewed more than two million times.

Grover spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters and says his sister broke down crying after she saw the video on Facebook.

“She didn’t really like it. Didn’t like what she saw.”

“She started crying, hugging me. Thanking (me) that I did it.”

Grover says his sister’s grateful that he shared the video to encourage other people not to do it.

The video has gained messages of support as well as death threats.

Grover says, “People came at me all out of it. Just all out the gate. Telling me that they’re gonna klil me and stuff.”

“Apparrently they’re going to get gangs involved but I don’t really see the point.”

Grover says his sister is now meeting with rehabilitation centres to seek help.