Topic: Employment

Back to the drawing board for Rotorua Lakes Council

  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

A decision regarding the management of the Rotorua Aquatic Centre could have the Rotorua Lakes council going back to the drawing board.  It's a move that will affect 38 workers currently at the centre, but ultimately make the workers and management sit down together.   

Members of the Operations and Monitoring committee have recommended that council go back to the drawing board and properly consider all management options for the Aquatic Centre

Robert Popata of Northern Amalgamated Workers Union says, “The whole process was a mess, but we can come out of this with a really good proposal that council can be proud of and the ratepayers can be proud of.” 

The Union have been fighting for the management of the centre to remain with the Council. 

Councillor Charles Sturt says, “It's going to delay the process and the savings that we projected in our budget are not now going to occur, so, where to from here, well the staff proposal will sit alongside CML and more analysis will be taken.”

Council had hoped to employ Community Leisure Management Limited to take on the operational side of the Aquatic centre.  But workers believe that it should remain with the council.

Hemana Bennett who is supporting the workers says, “That is how the council operates, everyone in the community has their own opinions, but that is good because that is how debates run."

A final decision will be made on February 28.