Topic: Prison

Authorities move in to take back Christmas Island Detention Centre

  • Australia

A detainee at the Christmas Island Immigration Detention centre says armed officers moved in to take back control of the facility over an hour ago.

The inmate who has asked to be called "Ariki" says officers have moved in and fired rubber bullets at some of the detainees.

“They moved in and headed straight to Compound 1, they are all out on the field and are keeping an eye on the other compounds.”

He claims around 50 people have barricaded themselves in the compound the officers are focusing on.

He says, “Some of us went out just to have a look at what’s going on and they yelled at us to get back and fired tear gas canisters.” 

"Ariki" has estimated that there are around 30 people in the compound he is currently in and they are not being violent or aggressive towards officers, “We are just sitting here quietly waiting to see what happens we don’t wanna get shot at.”