Auckland voters give their 10 cents on Labour's fuel tax

  • Auckland

Auckland voters don't like the thought of forking out an extra 10 cents per litre for fuel, however, Labour's latest transport policy for Auckland is not being completely rejected. 

A 10 cent per litre fuel tax is the price of decent public transportation under Labour’s proposed light rail policy.

Tāmaki Makaurau MP Peeni Henare says, “We want to see a decrease in the volumes of cars on Auckland roads to free up people to commute freely between destinations.”

Howeve, Auckland voters aren't keen on the idea.

One voter says, "Gas prices are already pretty high so like 10 cents is a lot for it to go up by."

Another says, "Petrol should just stay the same. Don't add any tax because petrol's already expensive by itself right now."

Peeni Henare thinks the answer is simple. "If you don't like the fuel tax perhaps you should consider catching the bus or train.”

Everyone we spoke with today agrees that Auckland's public transport needs work.

One voter says, "Trains are still slow, some buses are still out of timetable."

Another voter says, "I'm planning on selling my car, using more public transportation."

However, does National or Labour's policies hold the answer to Auckland’s traffic problem?

Peeni Henare says, “Their Auckland transport strategy spans across 20 years. Our aim is to cut that time in half.”

Tammy Davis says, "For me, it's voting for change really. Everyone pays anyway. It can't be worse than what we're paying at the moment."

A voter says, "It would be nice to have decent public transport that goes to the airport because it's actually really hard to get to the airport."

Although light rail is on the list for National, their main priorities are rail and road links, including Wellington's commuter rail package.