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Auckland housing project creates more homes and jobs

By Mānia Clarke
  • Auckland

A new housing development in central Auckland is expected to provide hundreds of jobs with up to 1,500 homes. The government says the new development will address the city's urgent need for increased housing supply.

Auckland's Mayor Phill Goff is backing a new housing agreement in Three Kings.

"1,500 new homes, as Mayor of Auckland I welcome that we are desperately short of houses, we need those houses. I think the design will be good, the green open space is critical,"

Last month the government announced it's plan to build 34,000 new homes in Auckland over the next ten years.  Auckland has a shortfall of 35,000 now.  Only 7,200 houses were built last year.

Minister of Environment Nick Smith says, "Today's announcement of this compromise agreement for Three Kings is hugely significant for Auckland and more broadly around the issue of housing for the city. The only sustainable solution to the housing issue is getting more homes built."

Project developers Fletcher Residential say the project began more than five years ago. It will cost $1.2 billion and will sit under local volcanic cone landmark Te Tatua a Riukiuta (Big King). 

Chief Executive, Steve said, "We've also been lucky to work about seven different Iwi that had mana whenua over the land. They have been fantastic in terms of being able to understand what the desires of the old and the new are and how the best fit together, so the ability to look after the land, the ability to put green spaces in amongst housing."

Construction will begin once planning concepts and other requirements have been finalised, with homes built over the next eight to 10 years.