Auckland CCTV helping to address crime more quickly

By Mānia Clarke
  • Auckland

Auckland Central Police are pleased that the decision to monitor the city's CCTV 24 hours, 7 days a week, has helped them address crime more quickly.  Since manning the CCTV around the clock began in mid December, they've nearly tripled the number of arrests.

Caught red-handed last weekend.  Salvation Army CCTV cameras catching people dumping rubbish on the Army's property.

It's to prevent crime like this that Auckland Central Police decided to have their CCTV staffed all the time.

Joe Tipene from Auckland Central Police says, "Auckland is a beautiful city.  It's a working city, a place to holiday with lots of entertainment.  We really want people to feel safe wherever they are in the city."

Over 600 CCTVs like this one are placed throughout the CBD, to help police keep the city trouble-free.

Tipene adds, "The CCTV are not used to invade people's privacy, when they're out and about. It's purpose is to prevent crime."

Police began using the CCTV three years ago. In 2014, the cameras helped with nine arrests in December, and last month they led to 25 arrests.  

"We are able to address any trouble happening in the city quickly," says Tipene.

CCTV's importance has been highlighted by the death of Joanne Pert, who was attacked while running in Remuera.

"In those situations, it's really helpful for us to have CCTV so that our staff can arrest any offenders," explains Tipene.

Police hope to have access to CCTV in cities and towns around the country.