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Artists voice concerns on Māori category missing out on VNZMA airtime

updated By Wepiha Te Kanawa
  • Auckland

Māori artists were left out of the lime light prompting some of our top Māori artists to meet with Recorded Music NZ.

Audiences just managed to catch the end of Ranea Aperehama's acceptance speech.  This was due to a commercial break whilst receiving the Best Māori Album award at the Vodafone New Zealand Awards.

The meeting was initiated by Tama Waipara after complaints on social media flooded in about their absence on air leaving many Māori artists concerned.

Rob Ruha says, “When Ranea was accepting his award texts came flooding in the phone saying it wasn't broadcasted, that's when I started to get angry.”

Ranea Aperehama said, “That's what they do, I went already knowing it would be like that.”

The broadcasters of the awards, Media Works, has failed to air the Māori Album Award two years in a row, but Damian Vaughan, CEO of Recorded Music NZ says it was out of his hands.

Recorded Music NZ is hoping to collaborate with these Māori artists in the future in order to profile and promote Māori artists.

But there have been no promises to air the Māori Album Award.