Topic: Domestic Violence

Anti-violence initiatives needed after death of Tara Brown

By Harata Brown
  • Australia

In the wake of the alleged brutal road rage attack which killed 24-year-old Tara Brown, a reformed perpetrator of violence Vic Tamati who also supports the 'It's not ok anti-violence campaign' says there is still a lot of work to be done to resolve the issue of domestic violence.

"It's always really, really sad that we have to wait until this happens, that we truly address this issue, yet it can be addressed", says Tamati.  

Brown died from injuries sustained after a brutal road rage attack on the Gold Coast, her ex-partner Lionel Patea has been charged with her murder.

Queensland Police CCTV footage shows Brown being run off the road before allegedly being bashed with an iron instrument. 

Although Tamati had a history of violence, he is a different person today. His mission now is to break the cycle of violence among male in New Zealand

“One, to declare Aotearoa New Zealand a family violence free zone, two, that they clear their homes as a family violence free zone and three that they declare themselves as family violence free men, that's the declaration, the challenge is for all men”, says Tamati.  

A haka was performed in memory of Tara Brown at the site where her car crashed.  

Online fundraising efforts through 'GoFundMe.Com' have also surfaced in which a former touch colleague of Brown’s, Darcel-Rose Colenso says was established to give assistance to Brown especially her young daughter.  

"It was a group decision by all friends. That's raised over $33,000"

Although arrangements for Brown's funeral are unknown at present, plans to hold a Touch Tournament in her memory are underway.