American singer Pia Mia gets a taste Māori culture

By Ani-Oriwia Adds
  • Wellington

American Singer Pia Mia has touched down in New Zealand for the first time. Our reporter Ani-Oriwia Adds spoke to her about her people the Chamorro tribe and her experience with Māori culture.

Pia Mia received a warm welcoming to New Zealand upon her arrival and an introduction to our culture

After receiving a traditional Māori welcome from Te Kapa haka o Pukehuia, American Singer Pia Mia says, “I thought this was amazing. This is such a cool performance to come into New Zealand with. This is my first time here. Everybody was so beautiful, the energy is so great and I feel so honoured to be here.”

Hailing from the Chamorro people who are indigenous to Guam, Pia Mia is a famous singer who has built a strong following around the world.

Pia Mia says, “You'll see little hints of it in my music video or you'll hear it in my music, like in 'Do it Again' we had Chamorro dancers in the video, so you see bits and pieces of them cut into the video. In my new single called 'I’m a fan' featuring Jeremih, we have a fiesta going on, so you see local food in the video too.”

Pia Mia is a model, dancer and style icon who has built a strong following around the world with her catchy hits including ‘We Should Be Together’; ‘Do It Again’ (with Chris Brown and Tyga); and her latest single - ‘I’m A Fan’ featuring Jeremih.

Pia Mia began her career as a model. However, blessed with a beautiful voice, she dreamt of being a musician and in 2013, met Chris Brown’s manager, AbouThiam. At the same time, she was introduced to Nicholas Balding better known as ‘NicNac’, a rapper and producer, and immediately they got down to work.

During the interview, Te Kāea took the opportunity to teach her a bit about Māori culture and gift her some poi to take home to America

Pia Mia will be performing tonight at The Grand in Wellington and Thursday in Auckland.