Advertisers drop weight-loss star after operation

By Ripeka Timutimu
  • Auckland

A social media influencer who shared her weight-loss journey online says she was dropped by advertisers once they found out she had gastric sleeve surgery.

Ariana Omipi (23) grew a 25,000 strong social media following after losing 50kg through diet and fitness.  But her weight fluctuated and in January she underwent gastric sleeve surgery after tipping the scales at 127kg.

“The main thing that I heard is that it reduced hormones in your stomach.  I felt like that was the main reason I felt hungry constantly.”

Omipi has so far lost 30kg but also lost advertisers that she promoted on her social media platforms before the operation.

“It was hard, especially when you’re rejected in the workplace.  At the time I was devastated but it’s one of those things that you just move on with and learn from.”

She’s halfway to her goal weight of 68kg.  Whilst she is happy with the results, she says surgery isn’t for everyone.

“As gastric sleeves have grown more popular it’s important to try not glamorise it.”