Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters drops in

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Housing New Zealand says replenishing state housing stock in 15 of New Zealand regions is on target as Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters made a personal home visit to one of the 155 new homes.

"It was really great," says Terawha Edmonds,  "it's good to see the Prime Minister."

He and his family have just moved into their new two-bedroom state home in Tamatea, part of a major revamp of state housing stock in regional New Zealand. 

"The Hawke's Bay is doing seriously well out of this, they're getting a lot more than I thought they would do against the rest of the nation, but it shouldn't be a contest.  We've got to ensure that the housing need is met in the countryside as well as in the big cities," says Peters.

"We're building 49 houses at the moment, so we've completed nine of them and that's part of a programme that will see us [add] about 200 houses to our stock here in the Bay.  We're also looking at a refurbishment programme for the 3,000 homes we've got," says Andrew McKenzie, Chief Executive of Housing NZ. 

Since 2011 Hawke's Bay state homes were reduced by over 300 with 33 in Maraenui deemed unsafe to live in and demolished. 

"Of the 200, that will be over the next couple of years that we'll be looking to build those homes and the refurbishment programme will run over a number of years.  It could be a decade," says McKenzie.

The Hawke's Bay  region will receive more than double the number of new homes to other regions.