Topic: Youth

Act of kindness triggers praise from around the world

  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

A 13 year-old's simple act of kindness has received over a half a million views and the numbers continue to climb.  Te Riina Takamore of Tauranga purchased groceries for a stranger in the name of paying it forward and it's inspired people around the world.

Miss Takamore purchased the groceries for Tauranga man Matt Hamilton a father and person she had never met before.  

Te Riina told Te Kāea "He stood out to all of us we didn't even know that he was the man we all chose we just chose him because he had a child and a lot of groceries".

She was given $300 from a complete stranger while out purchasing an Iphone 6 for her birthday, she was told it was in the name of paying it forward.

She says that after buying the phone "this lady came out when we were driving and said we will give this money to you as a gift because it was my birthday present and then we took it and we decided to like give it to somebody else who needed it." 

Miss Takamore is the second eldest of four children.  Her family are proud of her kind nature and her unique behaviour, not regularly seen widely with teenagers.

Grandmother Patsy Takamore says that "Te Riina has got a personality of her own, a character totally her and I'm sure my Whānau will agree that she is a very unique person she's not easily influenced by other people. She stands on her own and I like that she's a total individual a strong thinker."  

Miss Takamore has received praise from around the world and the shares, views and likes on the video continue to climb.