Topic: Youth

Academy opens doors for aspiring servicemen

By Leah Te Whata
  • Auckland

The Kelston Boys' High School Services Academy program was established with the support of The Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Defence Force. Its aim is to keep boys on track in a positive way.

The academy is opening doors for young aspiring servicemen.

 KBHS student Billy Netana-Witika says, "My dream and aspiration, I actually want to join the army the reason why I wanna do that is because I want to become a role model for the young ones and I also want to influence others to join the army as well because yeah, I love my country." 

Netana-Witika considers Willie Apiata, VC as a hero.

"I recently joined PMYP and he was one of our guest speakers what he said to me just really got to me and made me wanna be someone like him"

One of the academy's main focuses is to reconnect boys into their communities.

Programme Director Loma Uhila says, "We do a lot of community service it's basically just to reconnect those relationships out there to actually let them know that using the service academy boys as a vehicle so that other schools and families in the community know ok, these boys here are doing a good service"

The academy also provides students with hands-on, outdoor experience opportunities.

"The academy is designed to cater for those who are semi disengaging from school so the normal classroom environment into an environment where there's a lot of experiential learning," Uhila adds. 

The academy is preparing for the ANZAC Dawn Service at Waikumete.