10-year-old praised for act of kindness

  • Auckland

The family of 10-year-old Jaelee Nathan who posted a video of himself helping a young lost boy find his way home aren’t surprised he went out of his way to help someone.

The video of Jaelee helping the 4-year-old boy has gone viral and he’s received mass praise online for his efforts.

His father Hone Nathan says he's very proud of his son and it was a natural thing for him to do as he has a big heart and is always encouraged to help others.

The video shows Jaelee asking the lost child where he lived and if he wanted help getting home, he then gave the boy a scooter to ride home as he was barefoot.

Jaelee told Kawe Korero Reporters last night, “I went outside for a bike ride and I saw him and asked him why he was alone and he said cos his friend ran away and I asked if I could take him home.”

The video has received over 50 thousand views and been shared hundreds of times with many people praising young Jaelee as a hero.

When asked if he believed he was a hero for what he did, he confidently replied “YES.”

The lost boy was returned home safely and shares and likes of the video continue to grow.