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Should Little stay or should he go?

By Talisa Kupenga

Labour Party leader Andrew Little has admitted raising the possibility of stepping down in the face of the party's lowest ever polling results in more than 20 years. But will this hurt Labour this close to the Election? 

Te Kāea took to the streets of Auckland to ask if Little should step down 55 days out from the Election.

One woman says "he shouldn't because that would make him look like he's not trying", while another did not know who he was.

A man who usually votes Labour told Te Kāea he no longer had faith in Little as a leader.

Little says he still wants his job but floated the idea of resigning following the party's latest Colmar Brunton poll result of 24 percent.
But what do Māori think?

Arthur Ngakuru says "maybe they are a divided party, and that would be a big problem".

Piripi Houia says "If the party is not doing well, they should be looking at a new strategy".

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark was asked to step-down by Labour when the party polled at 25-percent in 1995. She refused and went on to nearly win the 1996 election and became Prime Minister in 1999.

Former political reporter Roihana Nuri says, "this Labour Party is different to the Labour Party I covered while in the Press Gallery at Parliament. Back then, they were somewhat united, but these days it seems they are not. Those on the left-hand side of politics should be very concerned".

But if he steps down, who should take his place?

Ngakuru says "Jacinda, she's focused on the leaders of tomorrow, being our youth".

Te Kāea asked four seated Maori Labour MPs what they thought their leader should do, all said they support him to stay on and fight.