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Second US Presidential Debate set to kick-off amid more controversy

Amid further controversy, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are set to go head to head in the second Presidential debate hosted at Washington University in St Louis. 

The debate follows a tumultuous 24 hours for Republican candidate Donald Trump following the release of a video recording of him making extremely lewd and derogatory comments about women in 2005.

Trump was forced to issue an apology following the release of the video but it didn’t stop a growing number of Republican candidates pulling their support for the outspoken candidate.

In a Facebook video broadcast just an hour before the debate, Trump appeared in a livestream feed flanked by women who had accused former President, Bill Clinton of sexual assault.

The fourth woman in the video was Kathy Shelton, who claims Hillary Clinton as an attorney, attacked her credibility in the 70’s.

In the video the women expressed support for Trump and made accusations against both Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton.

Shortly after the livestream Trump tweeted:

“My team of deplorables will be taking over my Twitter account for tonight’s #debate”

Hillary Clinton did not respond to the Facebook video. Shortly after the broadcast she tweeted that she was "ready to debate" and that she would stick to the “issues” that matter most to the American people.

“I want to be very clear about one thing: I am ready to debate Donald Trump.

Particularly after this week, let me assure you that I have no intention of allowing him to hijack this debate, this election, or this country with his divisive rhetoric about people or groups of people he doesn't like.

The issues at stake in this election are of dire importance for millions of American families. We owe those families real plans and ideas for how to make their lives better—that’s what I’ll talk about on stage tonight, and that’s what I’ll fight for in this campaign and as president.”

The first debate held earlier this month saw commentators and polls of audiences leaning towards Hilary Clinton as the winner. The next 90-minute debate due to kick off shortly will for the first time have two mediators.

While voters are hopeful the candidates will stick to what matters most to the voters, many are predicting an all out war of words between the candidates in the second of three Presidential debates.