Topic: Elections

The Opportunities Party launches election campaign

By Heta Gardiner

The Opportunities Party (TOP) made it very clear that it wouldn't be playing favourites when it comes to supporting a possible government coalition at its campaign launch today. "Let's be very clear TOP doesn't care who leads the next government," says leader Gareth Morgan.

Many of the policies of The Opportunities Party look to be left-leaning policies. They have been vocal about the importance of honouring the Treaty, as has the Green Party.  They also praised some aspects of Labour's water policy.  But their leader appears to be uninterested in the traditional 'left vs. right' political spectrum.  "Those who campaign to change from blue to red or right to left are like a bunch of kids screaming "Dad's burnt the dinner…let's get the dog to cook," says Morgan. 

Morgan instead pushed his own policies with the environment and prisons featuring prominently in his address, saying, "We're screwing the environment they [youth] will have to live in".

Morgan also adds that they would have "a justice policy that wages war on prisons not prisoners"

He also says his party was responsible for the dialogue change around drug reform."We have already moved the policy debate in this country without a single vote being cast for TOP.  Acceptance of the need for cannabis reform is now widespread."

Despite the optimism, the figures aren't great for the party.  Recent polls have The Opportunities Party around 1%, but they're not concerned, according to Morgan.  "I know we will be in Parliament after September the 23rd, just how much we can change the direction of this country will be up to voters," says Morgan.