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New Zealand polytechnics set for amalgamation

By Kawekōrero

The Minister of Education Chris Hipkins told Kawekōrero that there may be some amalgamations and reorganisation of polytechnics and institutes of technology around the country. This came following a meeting with 100 sector leaders at the Manukau Institute of Technology today after a $33million bailout of Te Tai Poutini on the West Coast.

"Over the next little while we're going to have some pretty robust conversations about what the future for the sector might look like, we want to do that carefully and considered but we want to do that with a sense of urgency too," says Hipkins.

The Education Minister insists it isn't about closing institutions down, but it's the best way to organise the system to increase education delivery to its full potential.

"I'm not ruling out structural change, what I want to do is make sure we're maximising this spend on actual education and training revision."

A Cabinet paper released yesterday shows that 8 polytechnics and institutes of technology will be in deficit by 2020. Currently, there are 16 different polytechnics throughout the country working under a competitive model of funding. 

"I don't want to be spending more money constantly bailing them all out I want to be spending money investing in the future."