Topic: Elections

Native Affairs – Political Special Part 4

By Mihingarangi Forbes

Last week we invited our whānau at home to send us through any patai you had for the politicians on our Native Affairs facebook page.

The first question was from Pat Spellman who asked, "Will you all commit to removing the entire wreck of the Rena from our moana here in Tauranga - if so, by when and if not, why?"

Tolousain Andreiu asked, "Affordable housing wouldnt be an issue in Auckland if there were more better paying jobs in the regions. What will you do to encourage employment and infrastructure development in the regions?"

July Te Huatahi Mclean posed the question, "Recent statistics are horrendous which highlight the number of our children living below the poverty line including middle class New Zealand children. How will the respective parties policies improve the lives of these students, please give specific examples and is there room for parties to work collaboratively to give our most vulnerable a decent chance?"