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National's tactics a "wake-up call" for PM - Shane Jones

By Talisa Kupenga

New Zealand's Parliament is officially open and with the chaos at the election of the new Speaker of the House yesterday, New Zealand First's Shane Jones says it’s a reminder to the Prime Minister to be wary of the opposition's tactics.

The official opening of Parliament went off without a hitch, a stark contrast to chaos yesterday that ensued at the election of the new Speaker of the House.

Which resulted in more select committee positions for National in exchange for Trevor Mallard's unopposed election as Speaker.

Labour’s Deputy Leader Kelvin Davis says "we honoured the agreement between ourselves and the opposition. They broke it.”

New Zealand First’s Shane Jones says "it's a wake-up call for our Prime Minister to be wary even when an arrangement has been made."

It's an event Jones has never seen in his entire political career.

"At this point National has stooped from being leaders to being rats. What do rats do? They find loopholes and take what they can get, so it seems this is National's new agenda."

Shadow Leader of the House Simon Bridges says “the new government was disorganised it didn't understand what it was doing."

With yesterday behind her Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her focus for the future.

"This government will be a Government that makes decisions based on the future of our next generation and the ones beyond that.

For her next three years in government.