Topic: Prison

Minister dismissed prisoner-on-prisoner violence at Mount Eden prison in June

Notes from a Corrections Select committee meeting given exclusively to Te Kāea show that  issues about prisoner–on-prisoner assaults at Mount Eden Prison were addressed directly with the Minister in June.

Transcripts of exchange show that the Minister repeatedly dismissed the claims of poor management, saying that, “I think the nature of that prison, and when you look at it as a whole in terms of their core security, in terms of escapes, in terms of prisoner-on-prisoner but also prisoner-on-staff assaults and a whole range of factors, they still (Mt Eden Prison) perform in a way that exceeds other prisons.”

 “We’re talking about, also, some of the most difficult and the most dangerous people in society. They’re in a prison environment. It’s a hard environment,” the notes also reveal.

He went on further to say that Mt Eden was “the highest performing prison.” 

We ask the Minister if he sticks by these comments, Te Kāea, 5:30pm.