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Māori Party co-leader would "struggle" to work with Winston Peters

Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says he would find it extremely difficult to work with Winston Peters after the election.

In Election Aotearoa’s first leaders’ debate, the Minister for Māori Development seemed to rule out the likelihood of working with Peters saying he would find it a struggle to work with the NZ First leader for a number of reasons.

“One, he wants to get rid of the seats that we currently hold, two, he was there on the back of Māori seats and has the cheek now he wants to get rid of it, three, he votes against treaty legislation and yet those are negotiated by iwi, four, he wants to ditch Whānau Ora and on and on, he wants to end treaty settlements for goodness sake he will be hard,” said Flavell.

When initially questioned over coalition partners and who the Māori Party was willing to work with, Flavell outlined his party was willing to work with anyone.

“Well we’ve said and we’ve proven it over the last nine years that we can work across the board with every party one from another in the best interest of our people and what we’ve said is in the end the decision  will be made by our supporters as we go back after the election.”

However, as he was pressed further about the possibility of a relationship between the Māori Party and NZ First he outlined how difficult that option would be for the Māori Party.

Flavell said, “It’s contrary to everything that I hold around being a Māori Party member in the Parliament of this land, to get rid of all that stuff that our people have worked for, for all these years on the back of attracting the bigger populous, there’s no way I can live with that.”