Topic: Prison

Māori detainee denied deportation from Christmas Island

By Heta Gardiner

A mother of a Māori detainee on Christmas Island claims her son is being denied deportation to New Zealand after his numerous requests were refused.  

Both the Australian and NZ Governments have stated that if New Zealanders want to leave the detention centre at Christmas Island, they are free to do so immediately, but that hasn't been the case.

The Prime Minister says, "They're staying there voluntarily, they're free to leave."

But a mother waiting for answers to her son's situation on Christmas Island says they're nothing but empty words. 

Ana Head says they're all lies.

Ms Head showed Te Kāea her last picture taken with her son Pita McLachlan before he was sent away to the detention centre.

She says he immediately requested deportation to New Zealand after hearing that he was going there, out of fear of the centre's reputation.  

He was denied the form needed to apply for nearly a week.  Upon receiving the form, he was told it could take a month to process. 

It's taking its toll on the family.  The family is preparing to seek legal representation to help with their case.