Māori Council appeals Water decision

Professor Ranginui Walker is well regarded as a seasoned expert in Māori battles for rights to anything when it comes to clashing with Crown and Government title. He is also one of the first to admit the road ahead for the Māori Council will be a long hard and extremely expensive one . He believes the Government acknowledging Māori rights to water will cut down drastically a huge profit maker, so he predicts it is very unlikely Government will make the battle any easier for the Council.

The Māori Council and the Waikato River and Dams Trust has appealed the High Court decision that a partial sale of shares in Mighty River Power is not subject to Judicial review. Therefore according to Council spokesperson Rahui Katene the groups have lodged appeals both with the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court. Katene says while she is aware of the huge cost that goes along with the appeal process she is confident the groups have a strong case and are fully prepared for the long road and amount of work ahead.

While the council is confident they are not fighting an unwinnable battle, Walker warns that they can always expect severe opposition form Government. If the Supreme Court declines the case it will then be heard in the Court of Appeal at the end of January.