Labour Party launches 2017 election campaign

By Talisa Kupenga

The "Jacinda effect" was thriving today at the Labour Party's campaign launch.  Around 2000 people packed into Auckland's town hall and those who could not fit spilled out into the surrounding streets.

Party Leader Jacinda Ardern announced her party would run the campaign of their lives, pledging to build a confident, caring nation inclusive of everyone starting from today.

Former Labour leader Helen Clark attended the launch and just like Ardern was welcomed with cheers.

Ardern’s announcement “this is our moment and it starts with you” was met with roaring cheers.

A sea of red at Labour's campaign launch, vibe off the party leader's message, singing the party’s campaign tagline “everybody let’s do this”.

The Jacinda effect pushing the party outside the boring box; Holly Smith entertaining spectators keen to listen to Labour's tune.

"For me it's simple. I want to build a country where every child grows up free from poverty and is filled with hope and opportunity,” Ardern says.

Supporters packed-out Auckland's town hall, the Q and musical theatres, the remainder spilling onto the streets. But no matter where they were, Ardern's message was loud and clear.

"We will remove speculator's unfair tax advantages, we will stop foreign buyers who have no interest in NZ buying existing homes and we'll just get on and build more houses.”

Also top of her list was tackling climate change, which she likened to “my generation’s nuclear-free moment”.

Labour continues to rise in popularity but whether this transfers to votes will be decided come election day.