Greens up in arms over changes to Māori Affairs Select Committee

By Ripeka Timutimu

The Greens are up in arms over changes to the Māori Affairs Select Committee, painting the National government as the villains. Leader of the house, Gerry Brownlee is remaining silent on the subject, but Metiria Turei wants answers.

Many of Māoridom's political giants have sat at this table, and the Greens say its mana is being diminished.

“I’m very concerned that they are treating the Māori affairs select committee like it doesn’t matter, like it’s not important,” says Metiria Turei.

Metiria Turei sits on the committee and she says the National Party are behind all the recent changes. One surprising change was the election of new MP, Nuk Korako to chair the committee.

Turei says, “National puts up a first termer as the chair, it’s an important committee, he’s a good person but he has no experience.”

Te Ururoa Flavell says he has no issue, though Metiria isn't stopping there.

“The Minister of Māori development is getting the committee to engage with the reo bill knowing full well that it could be pulled because he has an advisory committee for the bill,” says Turei.

The new Minister doesn't express the same concerns as the Greens, however Metiria Turei believes the concerns they have are justified.