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Green party insists they are still "BFFs" with Labour

Green Party co-leader James Shaw is confident  the Green Party and Labour are still “BFFs” in terms of preferred coalition partners after the election.

In Election Aotearoa’s first leaders’ debate the participating candidates were questioned over who their parties would prefer to work with after the election.

In his initial response Labour Party co-leader Kelvin Davis seemed reluctant to express the same enthusiasm.

When asked who does Labour want to “get into bed with” after the election, Davis said the voters would decide.

“We want to get into bed with ourselves actually our relationship amongst our party and with our Māori caucus is superb in the first instance, but the voters will deal the hand and we’ll be talking with whoever is left standing after the 2017 election,” said Davis.

James Shaw was very clear on who his party preferred to work with and said, “Look there are only two parties that have said they will commit to changing the government at this election and that is  the Labour party and the Green Party and we hope to form a coalition with them after the election.”

Davis later outlined that the Memorandum of Understanding between Labour and the Greens would ensure “Jacinda will make the first call to the Green Party and we’ll see what happens after that and that’s all you can commit to.”