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Green Party co-leader has mixed emotions over election outcome

By Online News - Rereātea

Green Party co-leader James Shaw has mixed emotions over his party’s return to Parliament.

He told Māori Television this morning, “I’ve lost a number of really good colleagues who I worked pretty hard to try and keep in Parliament and I’m sad that they won’t be with us.”

The Greens have managed to secure seven seats in Parliament with 5.9 % of the vote.

He says, “It’s been a very tumultuous campaign for us and we were looking at possibly not being in Parliament at all. I’m pretty pleased to be back and I’m pretty pleased to have a couple of strong new colleagues.”

Shaw also expressed sadness that the Māori Party would not return to Parliament this year.

“I’m very sad to see them go because I do think having that voice in parliament did make a difference.”

The focus now turns to forming a government for all parties.