Free money for youth, no strings attached - Morgan

The Opportunities Party leader, Gareth Morgan, proposes to give youth free money- no strings attached- by giving youth aged 18- 23 an unconditional basic income (UBI) of $200 a week to help support them in their journey to adulthood.   

Talking to Kawe Korero reporters, Morgan states, “This group is the one that is really struggling to get on its feet as they leave the nest and move into independence- it’s got very high cost now”  

Mr. Morgan says the cost of this policy will be $2.5 billion a year.  He says, “The bulk of it is by cancelling Steven Joyce’s tax cuts.  Steven introduced a whole lot of tax cuts that will affect mainly people like himself and me.  We don’t need that money at all.  We would rather invest in our youth and have their transition into adulthood far more successful than it is”.

He says that 35% of this group are Māori and that they are not given a fair chance at the other end of the spectrum with only 6% of  Māori receiving superannuation in the 65+ age group. 

“They have got very low wages now on offer," says Morgan, "So life is really tough for this group and I can see that”.

Morgan says the $200 is there to help young people start out in life, get work, pay for tertiary education and alleviate any fanatical struggles they may face.