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Election Aotearoa: Kiwis' right to own homes

New Zealand’s housing crisis and homelessness are confronted in Part Two of Māori Television’s exclusive Election Aotearoa Leaders Debate.

Presenters Oriini Kaipara and Heta Gardiner will question leaders on what they are willing to do to reverse appalling statistics.

“Promising long term solutions is the norm.  But what about struggling families right now?  What about hard working New Zealanders who simply can’t compete?  Ten years down the track is 10 years too late for too many,” says Gardiner.

Studies reveal New Zealand has the worst homelessness in the developed world with more than 40,000 people living rough on the streets, in cars or substandard dwellings.

Part two of Election Aotearoa will challenge leaders on housing shortages across the country, affordability and foreign investment.

“Economic growth is crucial but tell that to the family in their car or the New Zealander who sees the kiwi dream slip further away every day.  We’re asking leaders to please explain,” said Gardiner.