Delamere recommends primaries for Māori seats

By Ripeka Timutimu

Former MP Tuariki Delamere is calling on the New Zealand Māori Council to establish an electoral process similar to American's primaries election process. Delamere says it could unite Māori seat MPs in the House of Representatives.

There is no bigger show on earth than the race to the White House. But Tuariki Delamere says amongst the hysteria and hype is a political solution for Māori.

“It’s time for the Māori council to step up and be relevant organise this thing for us, make it happen. If we can pull it off Maori will be the natural defacto partner in government, the minor party.”

Delamere says parties like the Māori Party and Mana elect one candidate for each Māori seat, similar to how the Democrats and the Republicans choose their candidates in America.

“Right now all those MP's those Māori MP's aren't accountable to Māori, the only two are Te Ururoa and Marama because it's a complete Māori structure. All the others choices are ultimately decided by Pākehā.”

He says it would give Māori greater power in Parliament.

“It’s important that we don't negotiate with forming the government it’s just whoever has the most numbers because we end up doing the NZ First thing, playing one off against the other and that will destroy Maori because we won't agree on that either.”