Dakota pipeline - Peaceful protests target oil company’s law firm

By Talisa Kupenga

In North Dakota water defenders continue to protest the opposition of the $3.8 billion crude oil pipeline planned for under the Missouri River. More than 500 water-defenders occupied the doorstep of Enbridge Company's law firm with their anti-pipeline message.

"It was a peaceful action,” says Dallas Goldtooth (Mdewakanton Dakota), “It was a peaceful protest but the staff and employees refused to come out of their offices and actually there were reports that some of them had snuck out the back door unwilling to face those communities."

Pipeline developments were supposed to begin August 10 but work was stopped by more than 2500 peaceful protestors occupying the worksite.

The proposed pipeline would be 1,172 miles long and would carry 500,000 gallons of oil per day between North Dakota and Illinois.

"This is a historic moment for many of these tribes have actually been historic enemies for countless generations," says Goldtooth.

Yesterday the groups walked in unison to the pipeline's proposed location. Goldtooth says that the police blockades preventing access and cutting off the water supply to Sacred Stones Camp remain an issue.

"Time after time we've stated that we're dedicated to non-violent action,” says Goldtooth, “The police continually have been very hostile and have promoted this false narrative that we are a violent native people that we're hell-bent on hurting police officers and it's far from the truth.

“There has been no statements from Dakota Access Pipeline overall. They have tried at times to encourage the police to be more aggressive but thankfully the police have not heeded those calls."

The people say they will still stand strong to oppose the pipeline. They await the court decision on whether the pipeline will go ahead on September 9.

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