Topics: Elections, Te Reo Māori

Criticism erupts over Māori Language Bill

By Maiki Sherman

The Minister of Māori Affairs is upset with the critics of the new Māori Language Strategy Bill and alot of that criticism coming from the Labour and Mana parties today.

According to Pita Sharples, “Go back and discuss with your leaders.”

There is also speculation about the Reo Māori strategy which raised concern about the short time period to decide an outcome of the strategy, there are also concerns about the new board for Te Mātāwai, who will lead Te Pūtahi Paoho and will administer the Māori Language Comision, Te Māngai Pāho and Māori Television.

This has been a long argument over many years, however in a very short time we have to come to a conclusion.

Under Mana's Māori language policy, they are proposing not to establish Te Mātawai and to support the Māori Language Commission to be independent and not to come under the Crown.

It is believed that a new independent office should be established, similar to the Māori Language Commission and to embody and support it with more funding, to also include more prominent Māori speakers.

It is likely that this argument will not be resolved in this short timeframe.