Al Jazeera's Mereana Hond gives insight on Syrian war

Al Jazeera reporter Mereana Hond spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters to shed light on the war in Syria.

This comes after a suicide bomb tore through a convoy of buses at the weekend in the Syrian town of Aleppo, killing more than 120 people.

For six years the Middle Eastern country has suffered through this century’s deadliest war. Close to half a million people have died with 2 million injured and more than 11 million people forced to leave their homes and take refuge.

Earlier this month a chemical attack in the town of Khan Shekhoun drew international condemnation.  At least 80 people died including women, children and the elderly. The United States responded with an airstrike on a Syrian government airbase. 

After the chemical attack NZ Prime Minister Bill English appeared on The AM Show saying he supported the US airstrike response. When asked if the US was to request assistance from New Zealand he said, "There's been no request, we're not expecting a request. But if there was one, we'd consider it."

Hond says it’s important the New Zealand Government thoroughly investigates the situation in Syria before considering any involvement.

She says, “That's what I say to that, don't be too hasty to be a part of this war, lest it turns into a world war. Beware not of Syria but of America. I have not yet seen a plan or foreign policy coming from Trump, no consistent foreign policy, support Assad or not? Join in or not? America first maybe Syria first, who knows? NZ should focus on the refugees, on the victims who need shelter. That's important to me.”

The United Nations human rights office said the weekend bus attack was likely a war crime and Syria’s situation should be referred to the International Criminal Court.