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Whānau proud of Kiwi dancers who opened AMAs with JLo

updated By Tepara Koti
RQ dancers at AMAs - Photo / ReQuest Palace

Kiwi dancers Kaea Pearce, Kyra Aoake, Kirsten Dodgen, Shyvon Campbell, Bianca Ikinofo and Lance Savali, have blown their whānau and the world away with a powerful performance opening the 2015 American Music Awards with US superstar, Jennifer Lopez (JLo).

JLo opened the annual awards show with an epic medley of 2015's hottest hits, covered in glittery tribal-themed bodysuits with dance moves to boot, which according to the ReQuest Dance Crew facebook page, was choreographed by the one and only Parris Goebel herself.

* Jennifer Lopez with dancers, incl Kaea Pearce & Lance Savali (right) - Photo /

Today's performance was an especially proud moment for whānau of the Kiwi dancers here in Aotearoa, who were unable to watch the AMA livestream due to international online restrictions.

Marian Pearce, mum to Kaea Pearce (pictured above) says, "Most of the mums got together to watch.  We struggled to get the livestream going so had to wait until after the performance for people to start posting snippets of it."

She continues, "When it came out in full, we watched it over and over and over.  I cried!  So did my friend Carrie, who doesn't even have a daughter in it, but has one coming up in the ranks."

* Jennifer Lopez with dancers - Photo /

Since the opening performance hit the airwaves, social media has been going crazy!  None of which will surprise these talented ladies, who recently featured in Justin Bieber's hit music video, "Sorry", as well as his short film, Purpose: The Movement, with Goebel choreographing, directing, and styling these for Bieber.

Just last week, a special insight into The Palace Dance Studio run by Parris Goebel was launched as an online exclusive on the Māori Television website.

Seven episodes, all available now on demand for viewing, have garnered huge interest among enthusiasts, already topping the Top 10 most viewed videos on the Māori Television website for the past week.

You can watch all seven episodes, and more videos here - but only for a short time!  Make sure you catch them before Monday 14 December.


ReQuest dancers- Photo / Parris Goebel instagram

According to mum Marian Pearce, "It was a really nice time to appreciate the hard work our girls have made."  She also says the girls are set to arrive home to Auckland in the morning.

Photo / The Palace Dance Studio

Lance Savali, who is currently a dancer for Chris Brown in the States, was also a big part of the epic AMA opener with the five ReQuest girls.  Here, he posted a photo on his Instagram of them with Parris Goebel at the awards, saying:

Not forgetting another Palace dance, Michael Metuakore aka "Mikey", who we can confirm is currently in Los Angeles rehearsing for JLo's Las Vegas show.

It's definitely safe to say our Kiwi dancers are taking the world by storm, making us all proud.

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