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Wellington Māori to assess Supreme Court ruling for land promised by NZ Company

The Wellington Tenths Trust is assessing it's options after Nelson Māori won a land battle against the Crown in the Supreme Court yesterday.

Like many other Māori land ‘tenths’ trusts, the Wellington Tenths Trust of Te Atiawa had a deal with the New Zealand Company where they were promised one ‘tenth’ of the land taken by the company.

Chairman of the trust, Morrie Love, told Kawe Kōrero Reporters they “fell short of what was promised”.

Love says there was 1100 acres in the Wellington city area taken over by the New Zealand Company which was reverted to the Crown in 1840.

110 acres of that was to be set aside for the Wellington descendants of Te Atiawa but by 1873 that reduced to only 36 acres.

Love says his ancestors pā site and cultivation lands were kept and substandard land in remote areas was given to their trust.

After the win for Māori land owners in Nelson, Love will discuss with his trust whether they can also take the same path.

“I think this judgement moves things a long way and opens that channel for that to be taken into the High Court for remedies.”

“The court can award remedies .”

Love says however, his trust will be very careful about a decision to seek remedial action in court.