Video goes viral online after tourists battle tricky road

Lani Kereopa of Ohinemutu in Rotorua didn't expect a video she uploaded online to go viral. The video shows her nephew performing a challenge to a van of tourists who took the wrong turn.

Kereopa says, “The fact that it went viral, well we are all pretty shocked at that, once it hit three thousands views we were surprised and the next morning it hit twenty thousand. We were in shock.”

The street named Arataua is notorious for tourists getting lost and taking the wrong turn. Kereopa says, “Not that we don't want tourists coming down here, it's just a really difficult, narrow road and it's the vehicles we don't want driving down here.”

There has been no official complaint regarding tourist's caravans traveling down the road, however it is narrow and difficult to back out off and just for a laugh Lani Kereopa recorded her nephew. 

A spokesperson from Rotorua Lakes Council told Te Kāea that they will be making sure the signage is clearer as well as putting more signage on the main road.