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Two elite boxers from different hemispheres bound to collide

By Rewi Heke

It's a heavyweight fight boxing enthusiasts are raring to see - Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker vs Englishman Anthony Joshua. 

Both orthodox fighters share a few similarities, Joshua is slightly taller and heavier with Parker standing at a comfortable 6'4.  

Currently, both boxers enter the ring undefeated for their respective fights come December.

Parker is scheduled to fight his tallest and youngest opponent, Daniel Martz, next month.  Parker has only recently returned from Las Vegas after his win over Kali Meehan, which saw him move up to number five in the WBO rankings, while Joshua sits in 3rd place.

Meanwhile Joshua will be going head-to-head against Dillian White in their highly-anticipated clash, "Bad Intentions."  It was evident that both boxers shared a bit of bad blood during their recent press conference.

Parker and Joshua have both been sparring partners for the current Heavyweight Champion of the world Wladimir Klitschko.  Klitschko is putting his title on the line against Tyson Fury on November 28. 

In an interview with GladrapChannel, Parker's trainer Kevin Barry said, “I think Anthony Joshua is a very good fighter.  He's a fighter that has been brought along in a very similar path to Joseph Parker.  He's a fighter that people are looking at Joe and Joshua and they see them both on a collision course for the future.”

It's obvious the British boxer is well aware of Parker's climb through the rankings.  Joshua sent a response to one of Parker's fans which sparked a lot of discussion online.

Both of these fighters have gained the support of their countries who ultimately think they have what it takes to get a shot at the world title.