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The TPPA is signed, what does this mean for Māori?

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa

It's been hailed as the biggest trade deal in a generation.  The TPP is designed to free up trade and investment between 12 countries in the Pacific Rim.  So what does it mean for New Zealand but more importantly, Māori?

Trading between 12 countries forms the agreement that was signed today. 

36% of the world's GDP collectively constitutes the TPP agreement between the 12 countries.  It's worth a total of $42 trillion. 

The Māori economy here in New Zealand is worth $40 billion.  So what sort of impact will the TPP have on Māori and what are the benefits? 

Meanwhile Canada's International Trade Minister says their government will have broad consultation on the agreement which will include discussions with the First Nations people prior to ratification. 

The TPP will be presented to Parliament next week.