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Today Oprah Winfrey made Māori her priority

She is the most famous broadcaster in the world and today Oprah Winfrey made Māori her priority.

The American media mogul specifically asked to meet with tangata whenua on her first visit to New Zealand before her highly anticipated show ‘An evening with Oprah’ tomorrow at Vector Arena.

Around 200 local Māori welcomed Winfrey and her entourage into Tumutumu Whenua for her official welcome to Aotearoa. This is a big deal for the mana whenua. When Winfrey arrived, the excitement was hard to contain.

Winfrey was the first black female talk show host in America and showed her fellow black women and women in general that they too could dream big and succeed.

Winfrey led the change in talk shows by moving away from sensationalised headlines to more aspirational topics and inspiring her millions of viewers.

During Te Kāea's live cross, Winfrey walked into frame and spoke to our report Rewa Harriman.