Te Huia's attempt at shearing record called off

Stacey Te Huia’s attempt at breaking the nine-hour strong wool ewe-shearing record has been called-off less than half-way through his nine hour attempt.

According to organisers, Te Huia didn't manage to get onto the pace of shearing over 80 ewes an hour to break the record of 721 set by Rodney Sutton almost nine years ago.

At 3 hours and 45 minutes into his attempt, Te Huia had shorn 281 ewes, which was 17 less than the tally at the equivalent stage of Sutton’s record attempt in January 2007.

Four judges decided to end the attempt. However, true to form Te Huia continued shearing for the sake of his workers.

Te Huia already holds three world records and remains positive.

Shearing Sports NZ says he is contemplating outdoing a previous record for merino sheep at Australia’s fine wool finest last February.